Award-Winning Interior Design Artist & Country Music Star

"Cali Rossen is not only an accomplished actress and amazing model, but how many actresses can write, produce and direct. She is one of the hardest working women with incredible integrity in Hollywood. Her award winning crew will deliver excellence for you on time and with your budget intact!! The Pow Girl Productions is a winner!!!!!"


Special Systems Tech II at Loma Linda University Medical Center

Cali is a terrific Actress, with a powerful stage presence and a broad variety of talents. Cali is hard working and creative in media publication, film making and entertainment. I recommend her highly and put my full confidence in her success.


​Founder Positive Mind LLC
Igniting Your Passion & Purpose

"Love Cali’s energy!!! A bright star!"


Magic Time Company

Over a number of years, Cali Rossen did the following for me, in spectacular fashion, often saving the day: Star Trek New Voyages 'World Enough & Time' starring George Takei: Cali flew to New York, worked long hours for 10 days. Created the wigs and hair for the lead actors from designs made from Star Wars designer Ian McCaig, did make up and hair for other cast and helped make space suits and collars for costumes. She then assisted in building starship sets in Los Angeles. And also acted in the piece, which was nominated for the Hugo and Nebula, the top two awards in science fiction. Magic Time Radio Show: Cali orchestrated and performed in the Walla Group, played the Voice of the Scientist, and Created and Organized/numbered all the Foley Sounds according to the script and got a volunteer to make the sounds. The Twilight Zone Audio Commentaries; Cali contacted potential voices, Scheduled recordings, drove Dir. & Writers to studio, attended recordings, etc. . . Cali performed in the Savage Donut Paradise Staged reading. All in all, I'd say Cali was extraordinary in all regards and I would recommend her highly to anyone needing an extremely dedicated, talented and responsible person.


Breadwin Productions LLC

"Cali Rossen is an innovative, highly motivated professional, who I highly recommend! I have worked closely with Cali in particular, on two major film efforts, which included A-list actors and Emmy-nominated crew.  She is an authentic, reliable, and forward-thinking contributor to any project she's involved with. Having Cali onboard as an actress, model, or consultant is very smart plus; she is a strong asset in each case!"


Accomplished Comedy Writer, Producer and Entrepreneur

Cali T. Rossen is a powerhouse. Not only is she truly gifted as an actress, bringing out comedic characters and giving us in depth dramatic characters as well, but she is passionate and driven. Her passion is to make a difference in this world. But Cali is not just a "talk about it", she is a "walk about it" woman who follows through with her commitments. I am privileged to be in Cali's life for 12 years and watching her grow as an actress and woman who bring truly incredible energy to all she touches. Cali is a phenomenal actress, energy shifter and business woman. I would recommend her in a NY minute.


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Mind Gym Coach

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